4 Ways We Can All Fight Depression

The seriousness of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues are increasingly coming into focus. With more media attention, more shows incorporating mental health as a theme, and more people coming forward with their struggles with mental health, far more people than ever before are starting to see how widespread the issue is. More than that, people are starting to see how mental health problems arent something that only a small number of people will deal with. They can happen to anyone.

Since we can all suffer from depression, its important we all take the steps necessary to reduce our risk as individuals. Thankfully, a lot of these steps are common sense, even if they can be tough to follow at times. Here are four ways to fight off the blues:

1. Regular Exercise

Get out for that jog in the morning. It can make all the difference. Research has shown that exercise is a great way not just to avoid depression but to actually feel good. Not only do you look better (a nice bonus), but exercise releases hormones that make you feel happier. So stop eyeing those dumbbells in the corner suspiciously and get to work lifting again.

2. Better Diet

Perhaps just as important to good mental and physical health is eating right. A good diet keeps your body healthier, which helps avoid depression. It also releases more of those positive hormones, helps with body image issues, and gives you the energy to pursue your health goals and other important goals in your life.

3. Sleeping Right

Sleep Night Therapy has pointed out that sleep has a lot to do with how we feel. We all know that a bad nights sleep can lead to a grumpy day. Now magnify that over months and years of never getting enough sleep. You may think day-to-day youre doing fine, but it is influencing your mood, your energy, and your health on every level. Make a point of getting those 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. If you are struggling with that, see a sleep therapist.

4. Reduce Stress

Heres another major cause of depression. You need to stress less. Sure, easier said than done, but to avoid the risks of depression, reduce stress anywhere you can in your life. Get more rest so you can get up earlier and not rush about. Try to avoid delaying major projects so you dont rush them at the end. And avoid those who add more stress to your life.

The above tips are perhaps obvious, and they are by no means certain to keep serious depression or other mental illness at bay, but they are all important aspects of our lives we really must pay more attention to.

We live in a stress-filled world that doesnt allow for a lot of sleep. It also doesnt make it easy to keep up with other healthy practices like exercise and proper diet. For all that, we have to make these things our priority because they dont just keep our bodies healthy, they keep our minds healthy as well.

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