The Challenges of Private Adoptions

I was talking to my neighbor last week about adoption. Choosing to adopt a child is a selfless decision. Raising a child that is not of your own bloodline comes with its own challenges and hardships. Taking them on for the sake of a child is beautiful. Some family friends of ours are currently going through the private adoption process. This means they are going to adopt a child through a birthmother that they know personally rather than through a state adoption agency. It is fairly common in some states, and many international adoptions use this method as well.

As our friends are keeping us updated on the situation, I started to think about how the process was different for someone choosing to undergo a private adoption versus the process that happens when you go through an adoption agency. To me, I think there would be much more anxiety and uncertainty in a private adoption. Pregnancy is a very emotional time for mothers. I would worry that a birth-mother may decide to back out of the agreement during any point of the process. You wouldn’t see this happen with an adoption agency. I took to the web to do some research on the processes, and I found some good information on this website for the Maynard Law Firm, PLLC. The attorneys at the Maynard Law Firm have been helping people through the private adoption process for several years now. They walk parents-to-be through the process of filing proper court documents and make sure that everything is organized and accurate from start to finish.

As a general rule, private adoptions are actually more efficient than the process done through an adoption agency. This is because the adopting parents the birth-mother have direct contact between each other. There are some situations in a private adoption that make having a lawyer super helpful. Of course, birth-mothers may try and go back on their decision and try to keep the child at a certain point in the pregnancy. There are also situations where adopting parents may need help with negotiating a fair price. You may also need help deciding who is going to be responsible for certain costs, and any other special terms specific to a given situation. Most contracts that are created without the guidance of a lawyer do not end up doing the job they’re supposed to do. Language is vague, and they won’t hold up well in court. This can leave you dealing with unexpected insurance costs.

Another aspect that lawyers help within the world of adoption is cutting out the need to involve an adoption agency. Even in a private adoption, you may need to hire an agency to have a home study done. Lawyers are able to appoint social workers to your case without the use of an agency. This saves time and also gives adopting parents a personalized touch to their process. I already have two kids of my own, and I don’t plan on ever adopting. But if a friend of mine told me they were trying to adopt, I would definitely recommend that they lawyer up.

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